Go-Ahead London employs portable induction heater

Go-Ahead London has installed a portable induction heater at its New Cross accident and repair centre in south-east London.


Supplied by Automotive Equipment Solutions (AES), the UK distributor for Josam commercial vehicle workshop products, the JH1000 heat inductor is used for lighter straightening and loosening of heavy vehicle parts but without needing a naked flame – a conventional method which can present safety issues and damage wiring or other connected parts.


Repair centre manager David Frost says: “It’s so much safer than using a flame to heat up anything on the vehicle. For example, we recently straightened a front-bearer by applying heat right next to the electric wiring and air pipes, without affecting them in anyway. The bearer was pulled straight and the job completed in minutes rather than hours – which would have been the case had we needed to remove the bearer or move the wiring and pipework out of the way.”


Although the unit is electrical, he says it does not affect the vehicle systems, so none of the electrical modules needs to be disconnected. “After the initial demo, we purchased the Josam JH1000 because we heat a lot of chassis and body parts during accident repairs. It has paid for itself quickly and continues to be a workshop asset. The equipment is easy to use and maintain.”


The JH1000 induction heater is designed for straightening lighter components and loosening heavier machine parts including bolts, nuts, bushes and bearings. The control panel has intuitive buttons and indicators for easy setting of five power output levels and a duty cycle of 40min.

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