Middlesbrough 99, The 500 Group’s Dennis Loline, at an earlier running day.

Coronavirus update: More events cancelled

The expected list of additional preserved bus event cancellations in the coronavirus crisis has grown today.


Now confirmed as not going ahead are the Dorking Running Day on 29 March, the South East Bus Festival at Detling on 4 April, the Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum’s Easter Trolleydays on 11-13 April, the East Grinstead running day on 19 April, the Quorn & Woodhouse Bus & Train Spectacular on 25 April and the Teesside Running Day at Middlesbrough on 26 April.


The East Grinstead running day has been postponed until Sunday 13 September. There also are plans to hold the Dorking and Quorn & Woodhouse events later in the year.


Announcing the decision to cancel the popular Middlesbrough event, The Teesside 500 Group’s chairman, Bill Woodward, explained why the organisation could take no other decision in the circumstances.


“We are a registered charity and we have a responsibility not to undertake activities which would unnecessarily increase the risk to public health. Put bluntly, we cannot prioritise our hobby over the health of the public at large.


“There is the additional practicality that, as the virus spreads, we may well be unable to provide the considerable number of volunteer stewards and guides who are a vital element in making our event happen.


“For all of these reasons, we believe that it would have been irresponsible of us to proceed. We are sorry for any disappointment resulting from our decision but we do not see that we have any choice. It has not been easy dispensing with the highlight of our year. And one of the highlights of yours, we hope.”


The London Transport Museum and Glasgow’s Riversaide Museum are closed until further notice, and the LT Museum has cancelled all events and vehicle tours until after 31 May at the earliest.


There is currently no information on whether or not the UK Coach Rally in Blackpool on 18/19 April is still going ahead.

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